In memory of Rob Ford


March 22nd 2016

Toronto morns the passing of renowned city councillor and Mayor 2010-2014 of Toronto Rob Ford of Ward 2 Etobicoke North, following a battle with cancer. Respect for taxpayers, Prohibition for addicts, and football are some of what Rob Ford will be remembered for. Let’s hope Ford Nation can march to a playing field named in his honour. Acclaimed for entertainment, Mr. Ford genuinely seemed to have fun when exposing the corruption in municipal government.

Celebrated in these great video highlights:


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Mayor Ford garners major endorsements

Caribbean Carnival 20140802

The Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has received endorsements from some very influential people, and within the past week or two he’s got a legendary local rapper, famous electronic music DJ, and renowned street preacher/church pastor. The red-white-and-blue of Ford Nation is spreading with the help of the media, now including a sizeable portion of the so-called ‘truth movement’, plus low-tax small-government libertarian tea-party north, sports fans, and the criminal element.

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Rob Ford being set-up in new video scandal


News hit this morning that the Mayor of Toronto has announced a one-month leave of absence and was seen being driven away from his house followed by reporters asking are you going to rehab today?


This “new crack video” reportedly filmed over the weekend is being backed by a still photo evidence published in Globe and Mail and Gawker, also an audio recording rant on politics, rainbow flags, and other issues was released by the Toronto Sun.
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Questions linger in Mayor Rob Ford scandal…

The Mayor of Toronto continues his global rise to fame with infamous video clips, outrageous quotes, and an entire Nation for his namesake. Like a cult of personality, the Ford Nation is a devout collective that follows their fearless leader’s lead, even when faced with persistent lying. He’s been accused of shocking crimes and admitted to breaking the council code of conduct as well as the law. But his popularity continues to rise, with each scandal or revelation like moths to lights at any given time Rob Ford is liable to be swarmed by media, protestors, or his own supporters looking for a snap-shot. He appears to be working out his way to being re-elected in Oct. 27th 2014.

Rob Ford working out


So much has been written already, what ‘new’ can be added to the conversation? How about some unanswered questions:

Was Rob ford named after Robert Ford?

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Rob Ford and the New World Order

Rob Ford Stephen Harper Agenda-21

Since releasing a video Rob Ford on drugs… I’ve been challenged to prove the theory that Rob Ford is a prototype politician for the future of the New World Order. In doing research on a response I realized there’s so much slanted-media against Rob Ford so I tried to only look at Mayor Ford’s own official City of Toronto website press releases, speeches, statements, and proclamations, and the official Agenda 21 document from the United Nations.

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