ServantHOODs at Toronto Pride Parade 2016

(Parental Advisory: EXPLICIT CONTENT) Local street preachers the ServantHOODs contend with haughty spirits on the streets of Toronto, Witness a peaceful tolerant polite community or uncensored profanity nudity sin and sorrow as the new world order comes to Yonge-Dundas square for the annual Pride Parade. Viewer Discretion Is Advised | July 2nd 2016

ServantHOODS | 3 hour 43 min video on /SupportLocalScene

Gallery of freeze frame 114 image slides on Reasoning Conspiracy facebook blog U+21B4.svg

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+Plus the Angry Beaver Radio returns for the summer 07-10-2016 with such topics as the North American Union summit, Pride parades, black lives matter staged protest, nude beaches and naked bicycling, retirement and pensions, the New Washroom Order, presidential election hypocrisy, the census, NATO summit for ‘genderless long-range nuclear missiles’ and a push for a CANEXIT for Canada to leave the North American Union and United Nations… plus more, stay tuned…


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Christians Rally At Dundas Square 2015

Newsflash: The Voices of the Nations appeal was heard December 10th, see this update from Peter and ready for a final decision on February 3, 2016 regarding the application to use Yonge-Dundas Square on July 30, 2016 for the annual Voices of the Nations festival at Dundas Square in Toronto:


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Christians Rally At Dundas Square 2015 on /SupportLocalScene

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G-20 Toronto 5th Anniversary

25/06/2015 Stories from the G-20: 5th Anniversary Event + Civil liberties in post G-20 Toronto: C-51, carding & beyond, panel discussion Q&A, hosted by Tommy Taylor, first the victims of the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit share their stories. Then, an exploration of the current state of civil liberties in Toronto.
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Toronto G20 Exposed

g20 exposed DVD coverWith reports surfacing about the extent to which Canadian authorities allowed international spying on the local people of Toronto around the June 2010 summit, based on NSA/Snowden leaks, it’s only appropriate to do a flashback to the pivotal motion picture TORONTO G20 EXPOSED. The movie is a compilation of other online videos, news reports, and documentaries, cut together to give a large over-view of the entire staged event and psychological operation of the New World Order.

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Occupy What College

On the second anniversary of the Occupy movement’s global launch day ‘October 15’ it’s only fitting to do a post on the occupation in present day. Many occupiers are still out trying to resurrect the spirit of autumn 2011 without much luck. And luckily enough the video evidence has been saved for the sake of memories and as a warning for future protest movements. This is a full playlist Continue reading

Peaceful Assembly to End Fluoride in Toronto Tap Water

On an appropriately damp Saturday, September 21st 2013, concerned citizens passionate about healthy drinking gathered for a peaceful assembly to raise awareness about fluoride in public drinking water of the City of Toronto. There is talk of another peaceful assembly action in the future, but in the meantime an online petition link and more information  available at

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Conspiracy Research: the Occupy Movement Exposed Deception Revealed

This massive series of 8 updates exposing the Occupy conspiracy of 2011 was originally posted on TTS meet-up message board, Continue reading