Free Speech Hero: Lindsay Shepard

A new hero has emerged in the ongoing battles re: freedom of speech, a grad student T.A. Lindsay Shepherd at the Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. They gained international exposure and major media following an intense session with her professor and administration. The inciting incident was Lindsay Shepherd playing a clip of controversial U of T Professor Jordan Peterson discussing the ongoing debates surrounding the ‘choose your own gender pronouns’ and compelled speech by force.

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Trump Things get stranger as the swamp drains


U.S. Representative David Cicilline makes sure the media mentions his sexuality (True Gay Stories), now Congressman Cicilline has made headlines with a stunt on the floor the House of Representatives with a sign reading ‘Trump Things’

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VOTE for the Top Nickname by Trump


Attention readers a poll is now open, this your chance to vote for your favourite political nickname gifted by the leading candidate to his rivals for American President 2016. Consider the descriptive quality and vote with confidence:

The poll is slated to be up until the RNC next month, July 18-21, 2016, when we will then attempt to get the polling results to the Donald Trump campaign after they accept the Republican nomination. The results could be crucial in how a President Trump administration will craft names moving forward. We are entering a new era in politics, a future where everyone will be given a nickname, so make your vote count.


Your future President is counting on it!

Angry Beaver Radio (Winter-Spring 2016)


Angry Beaver Radio fresh off a mainstream endorsement the Angry Beavers are back in swim trunks and broadcasting in 2016. Listen as the team goes coal powered for Earth Day, discussing Uber as ISIS, White Toyota watch, Love the Infidels campaign, Life Matters movement, farewell Rob Ford, touch screens for fast food, red paint on your meats, Vaxxed, Ontario the nanny state bans vapours, look up chem-trails or solar radiation management, Canada the shiny pony Trudeau, legal marijuana monopoly, and election circuses in the USA. The beavers are workin’ day and night to put up a lodge dam wall to keep the Trump dodgers from turning Canada into a sanctuary nation for illegal Hollywood refugees. Ladies and gentlemen put your lingerie on and take a ride on public transit as Canada’s dictator goes gangnam style so Vote Camacho 2016 and enjoy ABR with these archives of 2016:
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In memory of Rob Ford


March 22nd 2016

Toronto morns the passing of renowned city councillor and Mayor 2010-2014 of Toronto Rob Ford of Ward 2 Etobicoke North, following a battle with cancer. Respect for taxpayers, Prohibition for addicts, and football are some of what Rob Ford will be remembered for. Let’s hope Ford Nation can march to a playing field named in his honour. Acclaimed for entertainment, Mr. Ford genuinely seemed to have fun when exposing the corruption in municipal government.

Celebrated in these great video highlights:


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Angry Beaver Radio (November 2015)

Angry Beaver Black Friday Radio

Broadcasting from a safe-space Igloo in the country known as Trudeau it’s the Angry Beaver Radio. Listen as your hosts take a bon voyage up Schitt’s Creek the St. Lawrence River, sponsor a migrant family, Paris truth the UN climate summit, and go Worldstar for Black Friday. Get your suitcase clocks ticking because the time is now, from All Saints Day til Cyber Monday and for the entire month of November with these archives of Angry Beaver Radio:
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