Coincidence Theory: Terror in Paris

Coincidence Theory conspiracy in Paris

One month ago a terrifying massacre’s occurred in Paris, France, on Friday the 13th of November. Coincidentally, this was 708 years and 1 month from the day that made Friday the 13th a renowned date, the day that changed the World see video below:
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Angry Beaver Radio (November 2015)

Angry Beaver Black Friday Radio

Broadcasting from a safe-space Igloo in the country known as Trudeau it’s the Angry Beaver Radio. Listen as your hosts take a bon voyage up Schitt’s Creek the St. Lawrence River, sponsor a migrant family, Paris truth the UN climate summit, and go Worldstar for Black Friday. Get your suitcase clocks ticking because the time is now, from All Saints Day til Cyber Monday and for the entire month of November with these archives of Angry Beaver Radio:
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