Questions linger in Mayor Rob Ford scandal…

The Mayor of Toronto continues his global rise to fame with infamous video clips, outrageous quotes, and an entire Nation for his namesake. Like a cult of personality, the Ford Nation is a devout collective that follows their fearless leader’s lead, even when faced with persistent lying. He’s been accused of shocking crimes and admitted to breaking the council code of conduct as well as the law. But his popularity continues to rise, with each scandal or revelation like moths to lights at any given time Rob Ford is liable to be swarmed by media, protestors, or his own supporters looking for a snap-shot. He appears to be working out his way to being re-elected in Oct. 27th 2014.

Rob Ford working out


So much has been written already, what ‘new’ can be added to the conversation? How about some unanswered questions:

Was Rob ford named after Robert Ford?

Rob Ford as Robert Ford comparison picMaybe, being a baby of 1969, Rob’s parents must have seen some of the many Jesse James portrayals Continue reading