War of Terror in Ottawa for the Truth


With the events of October 22nd 2014 in Ottawa, Canada slowly fading away from the collective memory of the masses it’s important to stay open to research. With the quickness that the media jumped to conclusions on this crime it’s easy to question the ‘facts’ as presented. But what if the manipulation has reached a deeper level? Are you prepared to consider a staged ‘infighting’ battle within the truth movement itself?
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ReThink 9/11 Canadian Tour 2014


March 20th 2014 Richard Gage the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth stopped in Toronto at about the mid-point of the ReThink911 Canadian Tour with a dynamic multimedia presentation. The Rethink911 campaign has made headlines internationally last September with massive billboard/Ads in major North American cities, and locally here recently with a 16-second Ad on the video screens in the Toronto subway system. As Richard Gage travels nationwide engaging¬†with audiences and mainstream media smears, it’s great to see he’s Continue reading

Tom Clancy and the 9/11 conspiracy

Why is Tom Clancy considered a prophet of 9/11? One of his novels Debt of Honour (1994) revolves around a plot of Japanese terrorists crashing a jetliner into the US Capitol building in Washington DC. Was it premonition of the real-life events to come seven years later in 2001?


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Conspiracy Research: the Occupy Movement Exposed Deception Revealed

This massive series of 8 updates exposing the Occupy conspiracy of 2011 was originally posted on TTS meet-up message board, Continue reading