Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto

December 15th 2016 | Legendary 93-year-old politician Hon. Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto on Canadian tour of ‘A Plan to Make Canada Really Prosperous Again’ full presentation and Q&A at OISE Auditorium, Toronto, Canada “The Bank of Canada – A Ray of Hope?” the Honourable Paul Hellyer lecture on the CETA constitutional challenge, how using the Bank of Canada can launch a new era of prosperity, why the U.S. voted against globalization and why Canada has nothing to fear from U.S. protectionism. ‘They broke it, you can help fix it’
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Katy Perry and the Truth Movement

Katy Perry topless sexy devilish

“They said I made this statement that I called my daughter a devil child, which is not true.”
Keith Hudson on Infowars (9-13-13)

Recently Keith Hudson appeared on the Alex Jones show they discussed a book he wrote and Jones lists Hudson’s daughter Katy Perry as a ‘pretty tame’ celebrity that’s on trajectory to become a voice for liberty. Continue reading