Oscars So Gold



With all the hype surrounding the #OscarsSoWhite trend the ReCon blog went live for test broadcasts on youtube for Oscars So Gold
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The Waters On Mars coincidence

Martian Invasion coincidence theory

News has spread throughout the planet that water has been observed flowing on the surface of Mars. Heralded as a major breakthrough for the future of space travel. Dreams of rapid rivers, fluorescent waterfalls, and red oceans filled minds while hopes of alien fish and chips filled stomachs. All of these notions were revealed to be fantasies. Crucial details were revealed in the final minutes of the official NASA news conference ‘Water Flowing on Present-Day Mars‘ when a participant tried to answer the question on everyone’s mind:

If the process of deliquescence occurs, if that’s how the water’s being made it’d be much much saltier than the Earth’s oceans. How much water? We made an attempt to estimate in part of Valles Marineris how much water might be the minimum amount to explain the darkening assuming only 5% water which is sufficient photometrically to darken it and only 10 millimetres thickness which is enough for it to actually flow down the slopes. The minimum was ten to the fifth cubic meters of water, which sounds like a lot if it was all in one place, I don’t know how many olympic swimming pools that it is, but that’s dispersed over very wide areas. So what we’re dealing with is wet soil, thin layers of wet soil, not standing water, but Mars has a lot of surface areas so if you could add it all up it could be a significant volume.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Island

dicaprio private island

Hollywood actor and United Nations climate change envoy Leonardo DiCaprio bought an island in Belize. He’s announced plans to build a multimillion-dollar ecotourism resort, according to reports the 104-acre Blackadore Caye will feature 68 guest villas, a mile of secluded beach, and infinity pools.

According to the National PostThe project will tap into the growing market for upmarket eco holidays. Guests will be put through an ecology orientation program and plastic bottles will not be allowed on the island, located about 45 minutes by boat from Belize City.

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Marvel DC takeover TV

Arrow Gotham Flash Shield 2014 TV is back and the top shows on television are inspired by classic comic books and characters. The shows include Arrow, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, and The Flash. So while it’s neat to see the characters of your childhood being realized in motion picture, it’s also worthwhile to consider the New World Order agenda if watching. Here’s some thoughts on each series. Continue reading

Questions linger in Mayor Rob Ford scandal…

The Mayor of Toronto continues his global rise to fame with infamous video clips, outrageous quotes, and an entire Nation for his namesake. Like a cult of personality, the Ford Nation is a devout collective that follows their fearless leader’s lead, even when faced with persistent lying. He’s been accused of shocking crimes and admitted to breaking the council code of conduct as well as the law. But his popularity continues to rise, with each scandal or revelation like moths to lights at any given time Rob Ford is liable to be swarmed by media, protestors, or his own supporters looking for a snap-shot. He appears to be working out his way to being re-elected in Oct. 27th 2014.

Rob Ford working out


So much has been written already, what ‘new’ can be added to the conversation? How about some unanswered questions:

Was Rob ford named after Robert Ford?

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