Christians Rally At Dundas Square 2015

Newsflash: The Voices of the Nations appeal was heard December 10th, see this update from Peter and ready for a final decision on February 3, 2016 regarding the application to use Yonge-Dundas Square on July 30, 2016 for the annual Voices of the Nations festival at Dundas Square in Toronto:


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Christians Rally At Dundas Square 2015 on /SupportLocalScene

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G-20 Toronto 5th Anniversary

25/06/2015 Stories from the G-20: 5th Anniversary Event + Civil liberties in post G-20 Toronto: C-51, carding & beyond, panel discussion Q&A, hosted by Tommy Taylor, first the victims of the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit share their stories. Then, an exploration of the current state of civil liberties in Toronto.
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Angry Beaver Radio (June 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio raptors

The Angry Beaver hosts play the role of Canadastan’s last hope every Saturday on Truth Frequency Radio, so tune in every time for a taste of the New World Order’s worst nightmare: awake aware Canucks with a few dams full of truth. Keep researching and check out these archives for the month of June 2015:
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Ontario does Sex-Ed-mania

Catwoman Wynne

One of the only issues generating protests across Ontario is the new sexual-education curriculum. Under the guise of modernization adding sexting and cyber bullying to the sex-ed is the addition of the concepts of gender fluidity and gender identity. The students of today are expected to change fluidly amongst the choices of six genders: male, female, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, intersex. 
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Vaccine-mania: the herd culling


A major Worldwide push is on for childhood vaccines, booster shots, and re-vaccinations. Like the mumps unleashed in the NHL or the Angelina Joile chicken pox scare a few months ago, the current measles pandemic is traced to the iconic Disneyland and has the media running wild with Vaccine-mania.
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