Angry Beaver Radio (October 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio TV season

In the midst of federal elections, playoff baseball, and fall television sweeps, the Angry Beaver Radio team goes total diva pre-recording from a sustainable penguin farm. Listen as the leading candidates go transabled for the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, masked for voting, and Trump for Hallowe’en. Whichever globalist wins Canadians lose, with these archives for October of 2015:
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Angry Beaver Radio (July 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio pan-am 2015

The Angry Beaver Radio show is on and the fate of Canadastan is in jeopardy, as the biggest scam this month the PanAm Games is running wild. Listen while your host beavers delve into the issues as the New World Order turns into Pachi a pan-sexual porcupine. Get your mannequins ready for a ride in the HOV lane with an ever increasing debt clock as Ontario slips into tyranny and Team Can goes for the gold. With these ABR archives for the month of July, 2015:
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War of Terror in Ottawa for the Truth


With the events of October 22nd 2014 in Ottawa, Canada slowly fading away from the collective memory of the masses it’s important to stay open to research. With the quickness that the media jumped to conclusions on this crime it’s easy to question the ‘facts’ as presented. But what if the manipulation has reached a deeper level? Are you prepared to consider a staged ‘infighting’ battle within the truth movement itself?
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Angry Beaver Radio (June 2014)


Angry Beaver Radio’s chewing on bark and exposing the sharks

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Angry Beaver Radio (January 2014)


Every Saturday 5-7 pm listen to a group of planeteers on Angry Beaver Radio broadcast live on Orion Talk  with various sustainable issues and guests in an eco-friendly CAN, Go Planet!

Angry Beaver Radio 2014

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Toronto G20 Exposed

g20 exposed DVD coverWith reports surfacing about the extent to which Canadian authorities allowed international spying on the local people of Toronto around the June 2010 summit, based on NSA/Snowden leaks, it’s only appropriate to do a flashback to the pivotal motion picture TORONTO G20 EXPOSED. The movie is a compilation of other online videos, news reports, and documentaries, cut together to give a large over-view of the entire staged event and psychological operation of the New World Order.

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