Presentation: Take A Walk On The Dark Side | R. Gary Patterson in Toronto

If the devil offered you a recording contract would you sign it?

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Criminal in Chief: Hillary for President – Gallery of Memes



Thanks to Wikileaks, Project Veritas, Infowars, and many more, the information is now readily available pointing towards the Democratic Party nominee for President of the USA, ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton, being a central figure in a vast conspiracy for power. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so diabolical. Now enjoy these images and cartoons for your viewing amazement:
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Apathy and Freemasonry

Masonic Ring This blog started with the sub headline of ‘Researching coincidence theories’ and sometimes these theories hit close to home. Being into Hip Hop culture and the truth/Conspiracy culture for a long time it’s notable when they intersect. What would you do if you found out everybody’s favourite rapper is a Freemason? Continue reading

Belle Knox and the New World Order

Blue Devil MISS kNOX One of the fascinating stories of the year has been the porn-for-tuition scandal involving an 18-year-old University student starring in hardcore pornography. The scandal is full of contradictions, for instance being a ‘sub’ in BDSM scenes as empowering for a feminist, or starring in videos totally naked and expecting her identity to be private. The New World Order is all-over this scandal like mandatory vaccines:

If Belle Knox is not an active player in a staged work, then she’s a victim-of-convenience for the puppeteers, who’ve placed her into the spotlight to highlight some of the most dastardly New World Order agendas. Including: descenitizing to hardcore porn and sexualization of the youth, promotion of corrupt institutions of higher learning, the feminist agenda, demonic tendencies, and communications global control grid. All secrets are being exposed, Belle Knox was outed and is now more famous and popular than the average veteran porn-star. She’s appearing on a wide-range of media from mainstream to raunchy talk. It’s been intriguing research, here are some five notable sections on Belle Knox and the New World Order points: Continue reading