Angry Beaver Radio (January 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio carbon septillionaires

Angry Beaver Radio starts the year off with an extreme cold alert from the frozen snowy blizzard referred to as global warming. While the carbon septillionaires of the New World Order push a global-to-local derivatives scam, the climate is turning ripe for truth. Listen to your favourite freedom sliders jet down the arctic desert mountains of bylaw enforcement with these archives for the month of January 2015… Happy new year TFR listeners! 
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War of Terror in Ottawa for the Truth


With the events of October 22nd 2014 in Ottawa, Canada slowly fading away from the collective memory of the masses it’s important to stay open to research. With the quickness that the media jumped to conclusions on this crime it’s easy to question the ‘facts’ as presented. But what if the manipulation has reached a deeper level? Are you prepared to consider a staged ‘infighting’ battle within the truth movement itself?
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Angry Beaver Radio (October 2014)

Angry Beaver Radio 2014

Autumn leaves of fall reveal more bark for the Angry Beavers on TruthFrequencyRadio from an Agenda 21 bio-sustainable dam in the centre of Canadastan. With the Province of Ontario broke in-debt and hosting municipal elections and the City of Toronto stalled on public transit as the entire World is under threat of staged terror and ebola vaccines…

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There is no conspiracy… Alex Jones explains reason for THRIVE movie sale at

INFOWARS now selling ‘Thrive’ under the guise of influencing the left wing to the truth, a thriving conspiracy theory denied by the filmmakers who admit to being a multi-generational legacy family heirs of the Procter & Gamble conglomerate on the Continue reading