Oscars So Gold



With all the hype surrounding the #OscarsSoWhite trend the ReCon blog went live for test broadcasts on youtube for Oscars So Gold
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Bob Rae and the Ring of Fire

Bob Rae and the Ring of Fire conspiracy

Canadian illuminati front-man Bob Rae shocked the political World when he resigned from his seat as an MP and announced a new career path as a negotiator representing First Nations in the mining rights and land claims relating to the Ring of Fire in Northern Ontario.
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Rob Ford and the New World Order

Rob Ford Stephen Harper Agenda-21

Since releasing a video Rob Ford on drugs… I’ve been challenged to prove the theory that Rob Ford is a prototype politician for the future of the New World Order. In doing research on a response I realized there’s so much slanted-media against Rob Ford so I tried to only look at Mayor Ford’s own official City of Toronto website press releases, speeches, statements, and proclamations, and the official Agenda 21 document from the United Nations.

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