Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto

December 15th 2016 | Legendary 93-year-old politician Hon. Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto on Canadian tour of ‘A Plan to Make Canada Really Prosperous Again’ full presentation and Q&A at OISE Auditorium, Toronto, Canada “The Bank of Canada – A Ray of Hope?” the Honourable Paul Hellyer lecture on the CETA constitutional challenge, how using the Bank of Canada can launch a new era of prosperity, why the U.S. voted against globalization and why Canada has nothing to fear from U.S. protectionism. ‘They broke it, you can help fix it’
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Angry Beaver Radio (Winter-Spring 2016)


Angry Beaver Radio fresh off a mainstream endorsement the Angry Beavers are back in swim trunks and broadcasting in 2016. Listen as the team goes coal powered for Earth Day, discussing Uber as ISIS, White Toyota watch, Love the Infidels campaign, Life Matters movement, farewell Rob Ford, touch screens for fast food, red paint on your meats, Vaxxed, Ontario the nanny state bans vapours, look up chem-trails or solar radiation management, Canada the shiny pony Trudeau, legal marijuana monopoly, and election circuses in the USA. The beavers are workin’ day and night to put up a lodge dam wall to keep the Trump dodgers from turning Canada into a sanctuary nation for illegal Hollywood refugees. Ladies and gentlemen put your lingerie on and take a ride on public transit as Canada’s dictator goes gangnam style so Vote Camacho 2016 and enjoy ABR with these archives of 2016:
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Angry Beaver Radio (November 2015)

Angry Beaver Black Friday Radio

Broadcasting from a safe-space Igloo in the country known as Trudeau it’s the Angry Beaver Radio. Listen as your hosts take a bon voyage up Schitt’s Creek the St. Lawrence River, sponsor a migrant family, Paris truth the UN climate summit, and go Worldstar for Black Friday. Get your suitcase clocks ticking because the time is now, from All Saints Day til Cyber Monday and for the entire month of November with these archives of Angry Beaver Radio:
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Toronto enters the Nanny State

On a recent edition of Toronto City Council high jinx ensued during the debate on banning hookah lounges when one councillor admitted that Toronto is the nanny state:

Toronto city council bans hookah, hints that cannabis lounges, processed meats, and sugary soft drinks are next…

“There have been concerns that we are perhaps becoming a nanny state or are a nanny state. By definition we are all nannies, this council, our job is to regulate public behaviour. Our jobs are to protect people. And when you protect people that’s a nanny state… Yes, it is the nanny state. The nanny state tells you to put on a seatbelt and if you don’t we’re going to give you a ticket. The nanny state tells you not to smoke in public places not to smoke in offices.”

Glenn DeBaeremaeker Ward 38 Scarborough Centre
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Angry Beaver Radio (October 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio TV season

In the midst of federal elections, playoff baseball, and fall television sweeps, the Angry Beaver Radio team goes total diva pre-recording from a sustainable penguin farm. Listen as the leading candidates go transabled for the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, masked for voting, and Trump for Hallowe’en. Whichever globalist wins Canadians lose, with these archives for October of 2015:
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Angry Beaver Radio (September 2015)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for MTV)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for MTV)

As the global economy gets shocked by the shmita under martial law through jade helm with migrants camping in the backyard, the beavers are back and broadcasting from the Corporation of Canada with discussions on 9/11 truth and election politics, liberating the human domain with a high stakes rendition of the #SheraShuffle everybody’s doing it! With these archives for the month of September 2015:

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Alex Jones in Toronto

Alex Jones in Toronto George Noory Live

In celebration of Conspiracy Culture’s nine year anniversary Toronto’s largest UFO/conspiracy event ever was held at the Ex (CNE) as the 4th annual George Noory Live event. Featuring special guests Nick Pope from the U.K. and acclaimed radio host Alex Jones from the U.S.A., hosted by Coast2Coast host George Noory. The circus has already been discussed at length recently on Angry Beaver Radio so we won’t get into it here. Instead watch and enjoy this rare video of the historic appearance of Alex Jones in Canada:
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