Alex Jones in Toronto

Alex Jones in Toronto George Noory Live

In celebration of Conspiracy Culture’s nine year anniversary Toronto’s largest UFO/conspiracy event ever was held at the Ex (CNE) as the 4th annual George Noory Live event. Featuring special guests Nick Pope from the U.K. and acclaimed radio host Alex Jones from the U.S.A., hosted by Coast2Coast host George Noory. The circus has already been discussed at length recently on Angry Beaver Radio so we won’t get into it here. Instead watch and enjoy this rare video of the historic appearance of Alex Jones in Canada:
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Originally Posted on TTS meet-up message board 3/4/12

There is no conspiracy… Alex Jones explains reason for THRIVE movie sale at

INFOWARS now selling ‘Thrive’ under the guise of influencing the left wing to the truth, a thriving conspiracy theory denied by the filmmakers who admit to being a multi-generational legacy family heirs of the Procter & Gamble conglomerate on the Continue reading

JFK, Alex Jones, and Richard Linklater… coincidence?


Today, November 22nd 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the day that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX. So what better post for the occasion then a discussion of what this event resulted in, an entire genre/movement/niche/market known as the ‘conspiracy theory’ genre or ‘truth movement’ and over the last 50 years the quest to understand what happened to JFK.

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Tom Clancy and the 9/11 conspiracy

Why is Tom Clancy considered a prophet of 9/11? One of his novels Debt of Honour (1994) revolves around a plot of Japanese terrorists crashing a jetliner into the US Capitol building in Washington DC. Was it premonition of the real-life events to come seven years later in 2001?


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