BIG JOE A Real American Hero

In a society overrun by anarchy and chaos, after a Presidential inauguration sabotaged by staged rioting and overt bigotry, a hero stepped forward to speak the truth. Big Joe a Trump-supporter was surrounded at the Women’s March in LA, while he explained how the nationwide protests are a scam, Planned Parent is a racial eugenics scheme of Margret Sanger, against political correctness, Americans should wake up and have respect:

Wake up and be smart!

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2016 Personal Year in Review


2016 was a year of exits. It was like 2012 was four years late, with apocalyptic revelations and clash of civilizations, the truth is out there… In midst of all was the realization of a way to get passed it; Winning. As seen via the ascendency of President-elect Trump (see: Conspiracies of the Year) a way to get passed all the haters and doubters, the cynics and the establishment, is by winning big league. This year had a tremendous amount of setbacks and finales (see: Lowlights of the Year) but through it all only strengthened our resolve to never give up.

Die Hard Truthin’ so it’s only fitting that we begin this blog post with a look back at some the best Events of the year 2016:
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Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto

December 15th 2016 | Legendary 93-year-old politician Hon. Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto on Canadian tour of ‘A Plan to Make Canada Really Prosperous Again’ full presentation and Q&A at OISE Auditorium, Toronto, Canada “The Bank of Canada – A Ray of Hope?” the Honourable Paul Hellyer lecture on the CETA constitutional challenge, how using the Bank of Canada can launch a new era of prosperity, why the U.S. voted against globalization and why Canada has nothing to fear from U.S. protectionism. ‘They broke it, you can help fix it’
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Prime Minister Trudeau caught in Pay-For-Play scheme


Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is dodging a scandal involving the Trudeau Foundation and accusations of pay-for-play. Similar to disgraced Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of State. Now, it’s Justin who is accused of conflict of interest after facilitating a large donation $1 million to the Trudeau Foundation (named after his father Pierre and run by his brother) from elite businessmen from China.

Although this scandal is being selectively mentioned in the media with many Canadians still uninformed about it, a bit of info has gotten out. Some reports video reports include:
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Freedom of Speech Professor Jordan Peterson videos


In a time of universal deceit, heroes are rare and courage is in short supply. Enter the University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan B Peterson to confront the radical marxists on campus by not going along with mandatory politically correct x-gender pronouns. With Canada’s Bill C-16 ‘An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code’ intending to make it a crime to miss-label someone’s ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ making it law to use gender-neutral pronouns, like ‘they’ or ‘them’ or the preferred pronouns (made up words) that a person choose to be called, like ‘zhe’ and ‘zir’ and many more.

Professor Peterson is not going along with the non-sense and after making a series of youtube videos he has generated protests, both for-and-against, as well as appeared on many media outlets for interviews, and even hinted at an official debate sanctioned by the university to take place at a later date. Some of the many interesting Jordan Peterson appearances include:
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