Hottest in a hijab IMAGES

WARNING: Parental Advisory suggested. The image of an American flag appearing on the recent cover of the Hustler magazine anniversary special has created a stir. If North America is to be part of the next caliphate then the 2017 freedom first edition cover photo is to be forbidden. No party like a kafir.

With respect to the recent controversy caused by a snapchat video of Model Kholoud dressed in a miniskirt in Saudi Arabia, what better time for beautiful ladies to embrace the hijab…

With sharia law* creeping in, it’s only a matter of time before all women are required to wear full burka, niqab, chador or khimar. But what if full cover being necessary also meant you could look still look sexy.

(*Sharia law is a strict set of religious principles which form part of the Islamic tradition, based on legal opinions, the Qur’an and Hadith, centuries of debate, interpretation and precedent)

If looking hot is haram then what?

Fashion should be a free choice, so dress like the infidel if you like, and don’t be fooled by takeiya, some girls just want to have fun.

See gallery of images  ↴

In related news, the recently crowned MISS WORLD AUSTRALIA Esma Voloder is a glamorous model from Melbourne that was born in a refugee camp in Bosnia. Criticism has been drawn from conservatives for winning Miss World while being muslim.

Like the contrary observations on Mark Latham’s Outsiders show on The Rebel Media;

“She’s a role model we should be supporting. Throw away the garb out of the qu’ran, throw away the clothing there to shield her from the gaze of men, and dress in a modern attractive way, good on you Esma. I hope your campaign and time as Miss World Australia is successful as you go on through to the international competition”

So it’s easy to see that whether dressed modestly or otherwise you can look good by wearing what you love. Much respect to all the ladies pictured above.




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