Scariest uniforms of Toronto Pride

It’s said that the clothes that you wear reveal a lot about who you are. This year at Pride the leading controversy surrounds barring Toronto police officers from marching while wearing uniforms during the Pride Parade, while they will still perform sideline security?

Choose your costume wisely

We know the New World Order arrives every year for Pride, so please consider this list of the scariest uniforms at Toronto Pride Toronto Pride Parade:

  • Clerical collar

Perhaps the scariest of all is the white church collar of the black robes, the Priests, Ministers, Rabbi and Imam, and other religious figures that support the current NWO agenda while covering-up pederasty and pedophilia, generations of sexual abuse victims in the catholic, anglican, united church and other institutions of faith.

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Coincidentally, the  leading Reverend of Pride Toronto Brent Hawkes recently escaped serious sex crime charges relating to an incident with a 16 year old boy approximately 40 years ago. The pastor was acquitted due to unreliable testimony of witnesses amid “an abundance of evidence“. Thankfully, Hawkes is also reported to be retiring this year from Faith + Pride.

  • Political Parties

These events are supported by the major political parties who’s leaders often march in the Pride Parade in search of votes and a good time. Often the leaders of the these political parties will be surrounded by premier dupés wearing the gang colours of Liberal, NDP, Green or LGBTory (Con)

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  • Black Lives Matter TO

The winners of Pride are the Black Lives Matter staff you staged a publicity stunt last year that briefly shutdown the march. The uniform consists of dressing in black with gold fringes, the gold lettering on the official ‘movement t-shirts’ last year prophetically read ‘We Will Win’ and as the ultimate sign of bigotry BLM-Toronto refused to sell the T-shirts to white crackers or allies. Beware of a George Soros-funded race war brewing…

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  • TPS police uniform

The ban on police uniforms includes transit cops, parking enforcement, and corrections officers, who had traditionally marched in the parade, although they’ll still likely be surrounding the entire event as the Prime Minister insists on partaking in the parade bringing along the new world order Canadian security establishment. In an ironic twist, the New York City pride parade has invited Toronto Police to attend and march in NYC while dressed in TPS uniform.

  • Nude

BEWARE: sometimes beautiful but warning some things you can’t un-see: toronto pride nude


ReCon blog has covered Toronto Pride in previous years, 2014, 2016 where we give an honourable mention to the Servanthoods street preachers who wear the message on their tremendous apparel.


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