Freedom of Speech Professor (update)

STILL EMPLOYED Freedom of Speech Professor

Jordan Peterson is still a professor at University of Toronto and an increasingly popular youtube channel host. Xe has made his views on Bill C-16 known to the highest levels of Canadian politics:

Jordan B Peterson meets the Canadian Senate

This is an update on the controversy over Professor Peterson’s stance on gender theories becoming hate speech laws and mandatory use of fictional pronouns, as reported on ReCon blog in 2016 when this issue was gaining traction, see ‘Freedom of Speech Professor Jordan Peterson videos’

Now, as you can see by the clips below Jordan Peterson has appeared on some of the leading online programs for interviews:

Quickly becoming a thought leader in popular culture and the meme wars, some of the ideas Professor Peterson expresses require careful consideration, sometimes multiple views maybe necessary for comprehension. It’s worthwhile to try.

Much respect.

more info:

About Dr. Peterson


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