BIG JOE A Real American Hero

In a society overrun by anarchy and chaos, after a Presidential inauguration sabotaged by staged rioting and overt bigotry, a hero stepped forward to speak the truth. Big Joe a Trump-supporter was surrounded at the Women’s March in LA, while he explained how the nationwide protests are a scam, Planned Parent is a racial eugenics scheme of Margret Sanger, against political correctness, Americans should wake up and have respect:

Wake up and be smart!

After this video went viral Big Joe has appeared for an update to explain things on the hit channel #BasedInLA

“My issue with Trump it wasn’t about that, t understand people are very passionate about the issues and I wanted to make sure that decent Supreme Court Justices are put in place not activist-Judges that make statements and do their own crazy agenda from Canada, and were following there lead I don’t want that.”

Big Joe also appeared on The Sean Hannity radio show on 1/27/2017

“Obviously I said these people if they knew what they were doing they obviously wouldn’t do it anymore.”

Besides the BasedInLA youtube channel, the video on Facebook was posted by the Millennial Post and Milo Yiannopolis, and it could have been view over 47 million times already between those 2 postings? The word is getting out, Big Joe is there.


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