Presentation: Take A Walk On The Dark Side | R. Gary Patterson in Toronto

If the devil offered you a recording contract would you sign it?


At The Cross-Roads:

“…The legend was, that if you were a blues man and you wanted to be better, then what you’d do is would take you guitar and you’d go to a deserted crossroads and you would play, the day after midnight, and then you would feel and unearthly presence walk up behind you, and when you felt it you would stop you would take your guitar and you would pass it over your shoulder. The demonic force would take the guitar and it’d be tuned to a special tune, then it would stop, you would feel the guitar comeback over your shoulder, if he took the guitar at that point, you’d made a deal… with ol’ scratch, The devil himself. And the deal would be you’d get fame, you’d get adoring fans, but you’d have a short life…”


Take A Walk On The Dark Side: Rock ‘N Roll Myths, Legends & Curses an event featuring R. Gary Patterson in Toronto, Canada


Conspiracy CultureRichard Syrett’s Strange Planet


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