2016 Personal Year in Review


2016 was a year of exits. It was like 2012 was four years late, with apocalyptic revelations and clash of civilizations, the truth is out there… In midst of all was the realization of a way to get passed it; Winning. As seen via the ascendency of President-elect Trump (see: Conspiracies of the Year) a way to get passed all the haters and doubters, the cynics and the establishment, is by winning big league. This year had a tremendous amount of setbacks and finales (see: Lowlights of the Year) but through it all only strengthened our resolve to never give up.

Die Hard Truthin’ so it’s only fitting that we begin this blog post with a look back at some the best Events of the year 2016:

Highlights of the Year

the Rally After Project Claudia was the local event of the year, after an amazing exponential growth of the cannabis business on the eve of the Lift Expo the Toronto Police raided a majority of the dispensaries, in response the cannabis community and activists staged a rally the next day at Toronto Police Headquarters, heartfelt speeches and helped stir a series of rallies throughout the Summer, plus other cannabis events like the Green Market TO, Lift Expo, Karma Cup, it has been an honour covering this year for Dopechef Media.

A project of Dopechef Media as videographer for the band The Yappers for an EPK Video, included filming various shows including the massive 420 rally in Ottawa at Parliament Hill and even lead to attending a dope concert and dab event at The Rockpile in support of Cannawide featuring Raekwon the Chef

DDP Yoga good to get moving, stretching, breathing, DVD set and mat, bang!

Viewing a theatre show “Cam Baby” at The Factory Mainspace during the Toronto Fringe Festival, great performances.

Ryerson Alumni Weekend being ten years since graduation this was the first year I was invited, was interesting to see how the campus has developed in that time, great to see a colleague from class of ’06 introduce his acclaimed movie Sleeping Giant that screened International Critics’ Week at Cannes Film Festival. This was also the 10 years of Manifesto Festival MNFSTO 10 founded by other friends from Image Arts alumni. Late summer/early autumn feeling of camaraderie.

Chicago Cubs win the World Series, their first since 1908 and breaking the curse of the goat, I wore my Cubs jacket from high school for a week in celebration, feeling like it was all worth it

IMAX 3D screenings of Dr. Strange and Rogue One: a Star Wars Story (possibly the Friducation of the year), and the Cottage Getaway trip in the summer with the PDT was the away mission of the year

WWE Survivor Series at the ACC (It had been 11 years since I attended a WWE show live in Toronto) featured the return of Goldberg, fantasy meets reality

Donald Trump fulfills his own prophecy of winning the Presidency, daily speeches were entertaining and the best part was watching the Republican Party establishment lose in the process, a major exposure of the criminal activities of the Democratic Party via Wikileaks, Project Vertais and other independent media, the protests were American.

Conspiracy Culture events this year was also a celebration of 10 years in pursuit of truth, some events in conjunction with Strange Planet productions, March Against Monsanto, Studies in Propaganda, and even an event featuring Paul Hellyer (born 1923) speaking for Canadian Bank Reformers, the premiere of VAXXED: From CoverUp to Catastrophe at The Kingsway theatre was an inspiring movie tour in the face of controversy, the truth gets out.

Friducation presentation Conspiracies part 1 and part 2 these had been a long time in the making, look out for them to appear in the About section in the future

Peoples of the Year

Toronto Street Preachers – they put up with a tremendous amount of abuse to preach the word in public, much respect to those at Yonge and Dundas and beyond, ServantHOODs, Christ’s Forgiveness, Follow Me To Christ Ministries, and many more…

Sheriff David Clarke – man of the year, when the crime becomes rampant the brave step forward and Sheriff Clarke is not afraid to tell it like it is on national TV, with data and factual evidence to reveal a staged race war and coordinated attack on America from the inside, it’s pitchfork and torches time?

Kelly-Anne Conway – woman of the year, from media talking head to instrumental down the stretch the first female campaign chief for President of the USA and won big time

Donald Trump – constant travel, media appearances, ice cream, everyday on the campaign included multiple speeches without TelePrompters, unbelievable energy for a ‘senior citizen’, well played* now it’s time to drain the swamp

(*special shout out to iON & Bob of PayDay Radio for highlighting this phenomenon)

Sasha Banks WWE wrestler The Boss so amazing

Work hard. Do good. Be incredible! Top @fashionnova use SashaXO for coins off

A post shared by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

World Champion AJ Styles it’s amazing what you accomplished in one year


Mohawk Nation News – the great law, real news with a humour and music, coverage of the New York State 1-81 INDIAN Detail bad judgement, the oil pipeline protests, corporate indians, and more…

Milo Yiannopolis – banned from twitter, embracing the troll moniker, leading Gays for Trump, and going on a trigger warning campus tour the stuff of legend

Aisha Goodison – the author of the Judiciary Report is the most interesting look behind the curtain of celebrity, into a cult of depravity, always one of the best blogs to check out

Martin Armstrong – the forecasts once again prove accurate

STAR Troi Torain – an atheist who did the lord’s work, exposing the secret society cover-up of sexual abuse against minors since the founding of Hip Hop, on The Star Chamber

Professor Jordan Peterson – the fight for freedom of speech on a trigger-warning campus, with preferred pronouns, multiple genders, and safe spaces, making news in the last few months of the year for refusing to go along with it (Re: blog)

The Rebel Media – the most investigative news and honest coverage of politics in Canada is coming from the closest thing to a mainstream internet news show

Genuinewitty & UndercoverKity – protest coverage and investigative reporting on the most local level, activism exposed

Henry Makow – great website resource and terrific twitter research

Gavin McInnes – While VICE becomes a mainstream behemoth it’s always interesting to hear from the one founder who’s been excised from the official history, his work on Rebel Media and elsewhere is highly regarded

Cannabis Culture – The Emery’s leading with the most ambitious of the storefront cannabis dispensary chains in Canada, but a special shout out to all the dispensary businesses especially those open to all

Your Ward News – an honourable mention to the local east-Toronto anti-Marxist news outlet that’s earned international controversy and the bane of the local liberal elites

Music of the Year

  • Apathy – Handshakes With Snakes, recommended track: Pieces of Eight
  • Czarface – A Fistful of Peril, recommended track: Dust ft. Psycho Les
  • Pang Productions – dope shit coming straight outta Melbourne, especially 2016 projects featuring Dialect like Metastasis the follow-up to 2013’s Homeostasis, next level music videos and Jewels and Crystals
  • La Coka Nostra – To Thine Own Self Be True, recommended track: I Need Help ft. Sick Jacken
  • Babylon Warchild – recommended album The War Journals
  • Moka Only – Martian XMas, recommended track: Bred Butta
  • Army of the Pharaohs – Pharaoh Rap Mixtape, recommended track: The King’s Curse
  • A Trible Called Quest – recommended track: the first half of the song “The Donald”
  • Bonus shout out to anything “Synthwave” this is easy listenin’ Drive type music
  • The Yappers  (see above: Highlights of the Year)  Original Reggae Rock Band

Movie Screenings of 2016

Humber CinemasHateful 8, The Revenant, Spotlight, Room, Deadpool, London Has Fallen, TMNT 2, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Batman vs Superman, The Jungle Book, Eye in the Sky, Captain America: Civil War, Money Monster, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day 2, The Legend of Tarzan, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Jason Borne, Suicide Squad, Bad Moms, Sully, Magnificent Seven, The Accountant, Inferno, Hacksaw Ridge, Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Star Wars: Rogue One

Cineplex Yonge & DundasClimate Hustle

The Kingsway – Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe 

Hot Docs CinemaWeiner

TIFF Bell LightboxDePalma

Scotiabank CineplexDoctor Strange (twice: IMAX 3D & Regular 3D) and Star Wars: Rogue One (IMAX 3D)

Note: [TheatreMovie, Recommended]

TV Shows

Ray Donovan, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, The People vs OJ Simpson, Silicon Valley, The Circus, Making a Murderer, Shades of Blue, Billions, Quantico, The X-Files, The Americans, Homeland, Vinyl, Dig, South Park, The Path, Banshee, Daredevil (s1) + following the other superhero series Marvel Agents of Shield, Arrow, Agent Carter, The Flash, Gotham, SuperGirl, and DC Legends of Tomorrow

Online series Louder with Crowder, The Star Chamber, Rebel Media, and Rightside Broadcasting, thank you for the daily coverage, much respect

Plus wrestling shows Raw, Smackdown, TNA, Ring of Honor, NXT, stuff on Fight Network. The podcasts I listen to are wrestling related or conspiracy research, shout out to the Talk is Jericho network on podcast one keepin’ it 100

BOOKS (These are three books I finished reading this year that I enjoyed and recommend, although they were all published prior to 2016)
‘High: Confessions of a Pot Smuggler’  Brian O’Dea
‘Wrestling for my life’  Shawn Michaels
‘Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable’ Mark Towhey


Lowlights of the Year

While achieving ride ranging success there is still infighting in the cannabis industry, the year began with the 2 cannabis news talk shows I watched the most TMZ the Mernahuana Zone and Cannabis in Canada Live. Simultaneously, the truth podcast I enjoyed being on the panel each week Angry Beaver Radio parted ways with the internet radio station and weekly format, under a cloud of flat Earth psy-op. Also The Late Shift with Joe Warmington went off the air, losing one of the only local talk shows I listened to regularly. A tremendous feeling of loss, with many rockstars and celebrities departing throughout the year, even Rob Ford the current City Councillor and former-Mayor passed away, rest in peace. The lowest might’ve been the ‘Spotlight’ of Hip Hop, referring to the exposing a wide-ranging cover-up of homosexual abuse against minors in the origins of Hip Hop secret society involving Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation, highly disturbing and wake up call. The Toronto sports franchises performed great, getting so close yet so far with the Ratpors and Blue Jays going deep into the playoff and failing to win, as did the TFC soccer team but they’d never been to the finals before to it’s less of a low-light. The band of friend’s from high school i’d been following as videographer since it’s founding Tiny Danza also parted ways, so things change. And throughout all of it, while the lights dimmed darkest, there’s still hope, a glimpse of the brighter side, it ain’t over yet.

Conspiracies of the Year

• The U.S. Election 2016: Trump vs. Clinton

• #OscarsSoGold

• The Green Rush: Canadian marihuana legalization is a big corporate business and stock speculation scheme

• The Zika Games = Olympics in Brazil

• ISIS Invasion: a secret army in disguise as migrants to establish a Worldwide caliphate and sharia law

• Hip Hop secret society revealed, a cover-up of homosexual abuse against minors (see: Lowlights of the Year)

• Cuba: from the passing of Fidel Castro to the link between Senator Cruz father and assassination of President JFK

• President Obama’s Birth Certificate: 5-year international investigation reveals fraud, case closed.

• VAXXED: From Cover-up to catastrophe, documentary reveals autism vaccine link (see: Highlights of the Year)

• Trade Deals: CETA, TPP, and the Prime Minister of Canada, Premiere of Ontario, and Mayor of Toronto have all been on global tour working on ‘deals’

• Oil Pipelines: from staged-protests to the dangers of eco-radicals, to the epic scenes of Dakota Access

• #PizzaGate exposing the most heinous crimes is bound to rile the wolves


As I look forward to 2017 it’s important to remember that for 150 years the Corporation of the Dominion of Canada ruling the second largest country by land mass through an elaborate scam of the New World Order, and there may be no more apparent conspiracy this year then that. The coincidences continue so let’s stay vigilant in the new year.


Reasoning Conspiracy – the ReCon Blog


ReCon 2016 Recommended viewing: BREXIT Cartoons

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