Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto

December 15th 2016 | Legendary 93-year-old politician Hon. Paul Hellyer speaks in Toronto on Canadian tour of ‘A Plan to Make Canada Really Prosperous Again’ full presentation and Q&A at OISE Auditorium, Toronto, Canada “The Bank of Canada – A Ray of Hope?” the Honourable Paul Hellyer lecture on the CETA constitutional challenge, how using the Bank of Canada can launch a new era of prosperity, why the U.S. voted against globalization and why Canada has nothing to fear from U.S. protectionism. ‘They broke it, you can help fix it’

Canadian Bank Reformers

NOTE: THE HONOURABLE PAUL HELLYER (Former minister of national defense, and acting prime minister) lecture explains how the Canadian prosperity train came off the rails, and exactly how to put it back on again.

Stop the Press! – Our government wants to ratify CETA. That will be the kiss of death for any worthwhile banking reform that would make Canada prosperous again, and prevent us from using the Bank of Canada creatively as we did from 1939 to 1974 with such amazing success.

(CETA is both illegal and immoral because it unilaterally transfers power from parliament to international bankers and transnational corporations, and reverses a thousand years of progress in establishing government of by and for the people since the Magna Carta was signed).

** Paul Hellyer is the longest serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada, just ahead of Prince Philip **

The dog and pony show! Hellyer took an oath to serve the Queen/Crown/Corporation and a life oath of secrecy when he became a member of the Privy council. Prince Phillip wants to return as a deadly virus to cull the “human herd”. Comer was funded by Rockefeller. Hellyer constantly pushes the idea of little green men. The Queen is at the apex of the political and legal systems..both corporate. This is such a fraud against the people.

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