Leah Remini Scientology’s hottest enemy


Hollywood leading lady Leah Remini has been making the media rounds in promotion of an eight-part A&E docu-series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath a courageous effort exposing the notorious cult organizations the Church of Scientology.

An article in the National Post explains Remini answered questions on a reddit AMA, stating:

She went on to say that “anyone who speaks out against the Church is seen as an enemy,” and anyone who goes against the Church’s beliefs of what is “right” is punished. For example, when she did a nude shoot for Stuff magazine, she was “punished.” Remini said, “They would not want us to do anything that would be considered not ‘becoming of a Scientologist.‘”

Scientology’s hidden allegations of rape and abuse: What we learned from the first episode of Leah Remini’s new documentary seriesNovember 30, 2016

Much respect to Leah Remini

Scientology’s hottest enemy sexy image gallery ↴

A talkshow featuring Leah Remini and 50 cent the subject got into licking parts unknown:


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