Prime Minister Trudeau caught in Pay-For-Play scheme


Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is dodging a scandal involving the Trudeau Foundation and accusations of pay-for-play. Similar to disgraced Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of State. Now, it’s Justin who is accused of conflict of interest after facilitating a large donation $1 million to the Trudeau Foundation (named after his father Pierre and run by his brother) from elite businessmen from China.

Although this scandal is being selectively mentioned in the media with many Canadians still uninformed about it, a bit of info has gotten out. Some reports video reports include:

During Question Period Wednesday, Rona Ambrose calls out Trudeau. “He’s hosting Liberal Party Fundraisers with Chinese Billionaires, these are the Chinese 1%”

“Why is the Prime Minister willing to sell out our national interests for a donation to the Liberal Party?”

Trudeau gets called out for his event with Chinese Billionaires. MP Blaine Calkins asks “What did he promise the Chinese for their one million dollar donation?” From the Question Period of November 22, 2016.

The John Oakley Show: November 22, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the top draw at a $1,500 Liberal Party cash-for-access fundraiser at the mansion of a wealthy Chinese-Canadian business executive in May. One of the guests at the event was a well-heeled donor who was seeking Ottawa’s final approval to begin operating a new bank aimed at Canada’s Chinese community.

From the Rebel Media: Holly Nicholas looks at the globalist ties that bind Canadian and American progressives like Justin Trudeau and Hillary Clinton

Trudeau defends donations by Chinese billionaires, says just ask Chuck Strahl, then Chuck resigns and distances himself. Just like Hillary Clinton Pay-for-Play.

CBC News: 8 things to know about the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation




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