Pokémon Go and the New World Order


Happy All Souls Day of the hallowe’en season, what better time to contemplate one of the scariest phenomena of recent times:

Pokémon Go

While you were trying to catch’em all, they caught you. The New World order took hold in Summer 2016 with the record breaking video game app – Pokemon Go. Like all dastardly plots of the N.W.O. they want your body, mind, and soul.

Company behind the Number 1 game app Worldwide  is shadowy software developer ‘Niantic’ whom in partnership with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company released the augmented reality app and released it for free. Millions of users, thousands of pocket monsters and it’s not about money? With daily revenues exceeding $10 million according to wiki Pokémon Go has reportedly been downloaded more than 100 million times.

“gotta catch’em all” 

Certain mob scenes of mad dashes for monsters are reminiscent of a herds of human lemmings gif


Body, Mind, Soul

  • Body: from exercise to accidents, radiation danger to car crashes, vicious attacks and robberies on the go (smart phones)
  • Danger from looking down – people are walking into poles, hit by cars, and other strange accidents
  • Mind: data plan, collect useless digital creatures, no educational value, put adults into a child-like mindset
  • That paranoid feeling? GPS tracking radio frequency identification
  • Addiction? “gotta catch’em all” gamers of all types are getting hooked with daily bonuses
  • Soul: capturing monsters, caging them, training them to fight, style reminiscent of ‘mandingo‘ fights from D’Jango Unchained
  • Chimera hybrids, monsters, created in labs with genetic splicing, DNA, mutant monsters are the cool new pets of the future


New World Order

Is it any coincidence that the privacy, surveillance state, data mining, and consent concerns raised in the Snowden leaks are all given voluntarily when you install the App?

  • N.W.O. massive data grab, original user agreement gave access to all Google data
  • clip from comic con press conference on Snowdenquotes Oliver Stone: “a robot society… It’s what they call totalitarianism.”

Considering the privacy implications and targeting the youth market, a disturbing aspect is the sexualization of Pokémon. From N.W.O. classics like autozoophilia fetish cosplay to pornographic cartoons, giving a new overt definition to the phrase ‘pocket monsters’.


The Pokemon Go app is being pushed as a hook-up app all surpassed all the famous dating sites combined for users. Beware of perverts wanting to poke-your-mom-and-go. Remember be careful where you go and who you meet, not every lure is work chasing. Users beware you don’t know what monsters are lurking…

In 2016, the most appropriate question is:

trick or treat?


ADDITIONAL RESEARCH: French State Bans Pokemon Go After Putin Exposes ‘CIA Plot’


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