Coincidence Theory: Milwaukee Riots

Milwaukee riots 2016 coincidence theory

Staged riots for a race war?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke stated ‘Blue Lives Matter’ while he endorsed Donald Trump for President at the RNC, less than one month later Milwaukee is hit with a nighttime riot.

This ties in with the theories of billionaire George Soros funding the Occupy movement, BLM Black Lives Matter, Revolutionary Communists to cause chaos and anarchy in America’s urban cores. To add to this race-war theory several rioters were recorded hunting for whitey (See: Journalist Pulls Out of Milwaukee After Witnessing Shocking Racist Behavior Targeting Whites – The Blaze)

The riots were said to be in response to a young man who was shot by police. Stores were smashed and looted, multiple cars and a gas station were set on fire. Coincidentally, the police officer was of colour, the victim was holding a stolen gun, and they attended the same high school together? And did the rioters attack their own neighbourhood or were they outside agitators sent there to cause chaos?

Welcome to the New World Order. 


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