Ari Gold buys UFC

Ari Gold buys UFC for 4 billion dollars


Did you know that superstar agent Ari Gold of the TV show Entourage is loosely based on real life Hollywood power agent Ari Emanuel? The brother of bioethics panel Dr. Ezekiel and knuckle cracking democrat Mayor Rahm, the Emanuel family is prolific.

News hit shortly after major UFC 200 weekend that Ultimate Fighting Championship had been sold for $4 billion dollars to a group lead by WME-IMG William Morris Endeavor, along with International Management Group  WME and IMG, Silver Lake Partners and KKR are along as investors, as are MSD Capital/MSD Partners

Did you know  in 2009 history was made when the most powerful Hollywood talent agency was formed when William Morris (founded 1898) merged with Endeavor (launched 1995) becoming WME? The co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor is and remains Ari Emmanuel.

Coincidentally, the techno-thiller motion picture Virtuosity features a key scene at a live UFC event at the Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium. The movie made in 1995 was set four years in the future, depicting a Pokémon Go app gone haywire in SID 6.7 a sadistic, intelligent, and dangerous virtual reality entity played by Russel Crowe. The hero played by Denzel Washington is a police lieutenant trained in virtual reality crime, tasked with stopping SID’s terror. Although a critical flop with a campy vibe the hidden substance of Virtuosity is the virtual agendas the New World Order

Did you know UFC WWE superstar Brock Lesnar is now representing Canada? Dope.


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