BREXIT Cartoons

a gallery of cartoons showcasing the mixed feelings a UK referendum on leaving the European Union provides:

Leave the European Union wins indepence for the UK in Brexit vote

Now, after a major win, prepare for the hilarious lengths the New World Order will go to prevent the exit!

And watch some mainstream late night talk-show hosts discuss the comedic aspects of the british humour:

Although a serious matter is no laughing matter with violent psy-ops, HAARP weather, and rumoured vote rigging it’s simply amazing Leave was able to secure a narrow victory. The celebration was cut short by increasing calls for vigilance with leading spokesman Nigel Farage warning that he’s nervous over Leave betrayals. (see: Nigel Farage: I’m being betrayed by Vote Leave)

So look for a CAN-EXIT movement to take up a campaign for Canada to leave the North American Union

trudeau obama nieto NAU handshake

You’re not laughing now are you?


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