In memory of Morley Safer


“Is it art?” CBS News

On the passing of news reporter Morley Safer, born in 1931 in Toronto, Canada, and working on CBS news magazine show 60 Minutes.

Coincidentally, Safer made headlines last week retiring from 60 minutes after 46 years, the show had also recently aired a special edition episode Morley Safer: A Reporter’s Life looking back at his career.

The headline from USA Today reads ’60 Minutes’ Morley Safer dead at 84, a week after retiring.

According to a BBC Capital article Can retirement kill you? “A number of studies show that retirement is, in fact, bad for your health” and discusses a senior doctor who doesn’t plan on retiring because he believes without working he would literally die.

Is this a warning about retirement or a coincidence of labour?

The USA Today article mentions this controversial 1965 war zone report on the Cam Ne village punishment, exposing audiences to the American infernos and catching the attention of then President Lyndon Johnson who questioned Safer’s patriotism. See the news report and reflections here:

Yahoo news: CBS newsman Morley Safer dead at age 84, retired days ago

Morley Safer

November 8th 1931-May 19th 2016

Rest in Peace


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