Angry Beaver Radio (Winter-Spring 2016)


Angry Beaver Radio fresh off a mainstream endorsement the Angry Beavers are back in swim trunks and broadcasting in 2016. Listen as the team goes coal powered for Earth Day, discussing Uber as ISIS, White Toyota watch, Love the Infidels campaign, Life Matters movement, farewell Rob Ford, touch screens for fast food, red paint on your meats, Vaxxed, Ontario the nanny state bans vapours, look up chem-trails or solar radiation management, Canada the shiny pony Trudeau, legal marijuana monopoly, and election circuses in the USA. The beavers are workin’ day and night to put up a lodge dam wall to keep the Trump dodgers from turning Canada into a sanctuary nation for illegal Hollywood refugees. Ladies and gentlemen put your lingerie on and take a ride on public transit as Canada’s dictator goes gangnam style so Vote Camacho 2016 and enjoy ABR with these archives of 2016:

Angry Beaver Radio April 10th 2016

Gangnam Style – Justin Trudeau Feminist Dictatorship remix featuring Orville Redenbacher
ABR toxic bread and political circuses

Angry Beaver Radio records talk on New World Order all over Ontario, Canada and the U.S. election 2016 Trump-mania, Trudeau-mania, climate pause, Ontario Place and more with Toronto Truth Seekers on Angry Beaver Radio

Please Clap for Robot Rubio

How the Mighty Fall Hillary Clinton, John Boehner, Eric Holder, Piers Morgan, Janet Napolitano, Bill Clinton, Maurice Strong, and more…

We discuss mandatory voting in Canada as well as Peter Mansbridge and the CBC’s $150 million dollar man crush on Justin Trudeau.

Camacho 2016

elect Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho for President in 2016

Tune in to Angry Beaver Radio


Angry Beaver Radio ride the plus size rocket


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