In memory of Rob Ford


March 22nd 2016

Toronto morns the passing of renowned city councillor and Mayor 2010-2014 of Toronto Rob Ford of Ward 2 Etobicoke North, following a battle with cancer. Respect for taxpayers, Prohibition for addicts, and football are some of what Rob Ford will be remembered for. Let’s hope Ford Nation can march to a playing field named in his honour. Acclaimed for entertainment, Mr. Ford genuinely seemed to have fun when exposing the corruption in municipal government.

Celebrated in these great video highlights:


Conspiracy Theory: MAYOR ROB FORD on DRUGS

Gatorade, Steak Queen, and Iceberg Vodka are some brands associated with Ford Nation

03/22/2016 As the World woke to the horrific terror in Brussels, the most famous crack smoking Mayor in North America passed away in a local hospital. Unfortunately, after a lifetime of substance abuse and drug addiction when Rob Ford went straight-edge cold turkey he might’ve missed out on the healing benefits of cannabis for cancer, unknown.

A crack cocaine scandal that rocked the city and the World. 

Rob Ford exposed wasteful spending and tracked expense accounts like a truth seeker. Remembered on this blog as the most honest broker at City Hall and written about previously over the years.

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Look out for the gravy train to return as soon as city hall resumes council trying to restore any perks that have been cut in recent years. Gravy train? non-stop beware.


Respect for Taxpayers!



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