Oscars So Gold



With all the hype surrounding the #OscarsSoWhite trend the ReCon blog went live for test broadcasts on youtube for Oscars So Gold

til the bitter end

Reasoning Conspiracy goes live to discuss the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and asks who is the billionaire arms dealer that stood by ‘The Revenant’ til the bitter end?
Academy Awards Klan Rally

Hollywood’s lilly white awards show controversy, boycott the industry, Academy as an elite secret society, celebrity scandals, Chris Rock as the host of The Oscars, racial nominations and the New World Order (Studies in Propaganda channel)


champion of this endeavor

ReCon goes live exploring the Academy Awards of 2016 in a follow-up to OSCARS SO GOLD til the bitter end. What if the award for best support actor went to an actor playing an international spy while the entertainment industry is an undercover intelligence operation? Coincidences abound.

Everyone’s a winner as Leonardo DiCaprio wins best actor, all films hinting at New World Order agendas, Talent Agencies or Alphabet Agencies? TMZ as CIA, Black-sploitation hits the Oscars with host Chris Rock and a fight the power end credits montage, and Ali G if the glove don’t fit you must… Look out VP Joe Biden might be creeping behind you and whispering #OscarsSoWhite

Don’t be a sucker (1947) Cultural Tolerance and Understanding Overcomes Racism & Ignorance 1940s

COMPLEX Chris Rock Opens the Oscars (2016)


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