Angry Beaver Radio (December 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio extreme originals

After the World got duped by globalists at COP 21, your Angry Beaver Radio hosts went Team Extreme exposing the first order with a range of topics including White Toyota Watch, Is Dr. Ben Carson arming-up to patrol the Canadian border as a lone vigilante for mandatory vaccines?, the welfare lottery racket, WW3 on the doorstep, Christmas as Saturnalia, Santa Claus and Elves apply for climate migrant status, public sex education and the Prime Minister’s nannies, the Angry Beaver Radio show had it all for the month of December 2015:


AIRED: 12-05-2015
In today’s show we discuss Justin Trudeau’s new Nannies that are being paid for by the taxpayers dollar. We also get into the latest on COP 21 and Bill Nye the propaganda guy connecting ISIS and Climate Change to the Paris attacks. First Bernie, then Ban-Ki-moon and now Bill nye have rode their climate death cult unicorn off of the deep end with this lunacy. We also discuss legalization of marijuana in Canada

CANADA dad of the year imposes the first ever literal Nanny State


AIRED: 12-12-2015
In today’s show we get into the protests against Uber the ride sharing company happening in Canada as well as some reported assaults against Uber drivers from rival Taxi drivers. We also discuss the new climate deal that was reached in Paris as well as Canada’s first Syrian refugees begin to arrive in Canada, ISIS for climate change, San Bernardino truth, CN Tower illuminati monolith, galactic republic or galactic empire, David Suzuki thug life and much more…

Reports from angry cab driver on the street saying ÜBER is ISIS


AIRED: 12-19-2015
The Angry Beavers break down their brave new Christmas in Canadastan. From some of the religious origins of Christmas to the total commercialization of it today. The shopping dead and occult holidays. We also touch on the Volkswagen emission scandal, breast feeding on Santa’s lap, Charges laid in Ontario gas plant scandal, the evils of the VCR, Supermarket beer schemes, charity scams and much more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Globalist Occupied Mother Canadastan! Sorry!

team bad new day

Banks Statement: unicornis etymology From ūnus ‎(“one”) cornū ‎(“horn”). The word had an equivocal meaning: unicorn and rhinoceros


Tune in on the first weekend of January for a year-in-review and look-at-the-year-ahead for ABR on TFR 2016

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