Christians Rally At Dundas Square 2015

Newsflash: The Voices of the Nations appeal was heard December 10th, see this update from Peter and ready for a final decision on February 3, 2016 regarding the application to use Yonge-Dundas Square on July 30, 2016 for the annual Voices of the Nations festival at Dundas Square in Toronto:


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Christians Rally At Dundas Square 2015 on /SupportLocalScene

Saturday Nov. 21st 2015 | Toronto rally in support of Voices of the Nations christian performance festival that was recently banned from Dundas Square for ‘praising the lord’ Voices of the Nations to support the legal defence, and

Stop Bullying Christians Now!

Christ’s Forgiveness

Lifesite News

Christian Positive Space

The Rebel media


Christians march to City Hall in hopes of reaching Mayor John Tory, Councillor Wong-Tam, and other officials in high offices to encourage them to support diversity, tolerance, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by allowing Voices of the Nations festivals at Dundas Square + Singing of ‘Oh, Canada’ and reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of Rights & Freedoms

Christian festival banned from Dundas Square, Toronto

Yonge-Dundas Square bans annual Voices of the Nations festival for singing songs in public about Jesus…
Videos from City News, The Rebel Media, and Christ’s Forgiveness

Toronto city councillor bans Christian festival from Dundas Square

More info:……

Stop Bullying Christians

DUNDAS SQUARE Saturday NOV 21st, 2015 @1pm

Featuring speeches by David Lynn, Dewitt Lee, Charles Mcvety, Faith Goldy, Marcus Martinez, Peter Ruperellia, and more…

Banned Christian Festival Rally at Dundas Square

November 21st 2015 | Supporters of Voices of the Nations show support with a rally at Dundas Square in response to the recent ban of ‘Voices of the Nations’ christian performance festival. Stay tuned for a hearing on December the 10th where Voices of the Nations will appeal the controversial ruling. See:

Mayor of Toronto John Tory expresses support for Voices of the Nations…

Lifesite News ‘stop bullying Christians’ highlights…

Stay tuned to for the minutes of the Board of Directors of Yonge-Dunas Square appeal hearing and more updates…


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