Angry Beaver Radio (November 2015)

Angry Beaver Black Friday Radio

Broadcasting from a safe-space Igloo in the country known as Trudeau it’s the Angry Beaver Radio. Listen as your hosts take a bon voyage up Schitt’s Creek the St. Lawrence River, sponsor a migrant family, Paris truth the UN climate summit, and go Worldstar for Black Friday. Get your suitcase clocks ticking because the time is now, from All Saints Day til Cyber Monday and for the entire month of November with these archives of Angry Beaver Radio:

Saturday, November 7th 2015

Featuring guest speaker Phil Ryerson with a perspective on local politics in Hamilton, Ontario, and the new federal government of Canada starring Justin ‘the Shiny Pony’ Trudeau. Hookah bans and the nanny state, dumping raw sewage, oil cartels, pride school curriculum, black out power grid and more…

Saturday, November 14th 2015

Today we discuss the Paris terror attacks as well as Justin Trudeau and his visit to Turkey who is hosting the G-20 summit. We also talk Climate Summit in France COP 21. Also Canadian pension investments buy up Chicago toll bridge to pay out pensioners and is there meat in your veggie burger? All this and more here on Angry Beaver Radio buddy.

☆☆☆The UN Agenda 21 compliant city of Montreal pumps St Lawrence River full of shit in time for climate summit COP 21.☆☆☆

☆ Canadian pension funds to buy Chicago Skyway toll road (Globe & Mail)

JLo Angry Beaver Radio tight dance

Saturday, November 21st 2015

Topics discussed include Vaccinations, Climate talks and more. Technical difficulties occurred in hour 1, again we apologize, hour 2 should be clearer.

Hillary Clinton – She’s Got the look. Roxette featuring Hillary

Saturday, November 28th 2015

On today’s show we discuss the Paris climate talks at COP 21. Also we talk about the atmosphere of terror theater. PC Culture and the race card for hallowe’en or sports teams. Some of the headlines we hit are – Canada to give $2.65 billion to fight “climate change” also Maggie de block Belgian health minister as well as the latest on “clock boy” and his 15 million dollar demand.

Angry Beaver on Truth Frequency Radio

Every Saturday the Angry Beaver Radio show on Truth Frequency Radio with hosts John, Mike, Mark, and Daniel, from 3-5pm (Eastern Standard Time) eh

JLo Angry Booty Radio 2015


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