Toronto enters the Nanny State

On a recent edition of Toronto City Council high jinx ensued during the debate on banning hookah lounges when one councillor admitted that Toronto is the nanny state:

Toronto city council bans hookah, hints that cannabis lounges, processed meats, and sugary soft drinks are next…

“There have been concerns that we are perhaps becoming a nanny state or are a nanny state. By definition we are all nannies, this council, our job is to regulate public behaviour. Our jobs are to protect people. And when you protect people that’s a nanny state… Yes, it is the nanny state. The nanny state tells you to put on a seatbelt and if you don’t we’re going to give you a ticket. The nanny state tells you not to smoke in public places not to smoke in offices.”

Glenn DeBaeremaeker Ward 38 Scarborough Centre

Hookah (Waterpipe) use in Licensed Establishments

Toronto bans hookah

Toronto city council bans hookah smoking in public licences establishments, targeting a cultural diaspora. Definition 545-1 Hookah means a device, whether called a hookah or any other name, designed to heat or burn a substance to produce smoke intended to be inhaled by a user or users. Inhaling, exhaling, and holding prohibited upon any premises, vehicle or thing to which the licence relates. Council voted 34-3 to stop any hookah smoking tobacco and otherwise by April fools day. The ban goes into effect in April 1st 2016.

city council speaker one finger salute

Full council session Nov. 4th 2015 on Toronto City Council

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