Angry Beaver Radio (October 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio TV season

In the midst of federal elections, playoff baseball, and fall television sweeps, the Angry Beaver Radio team goes total diva pre-recording from a sustainable penguin farm. Listen as the leading candidates go transabled for the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, masked for voting, and Trump for Hallowe’en. Whichever globalist wins Canadians lose, with these archives for October of 2015:

Saturday, October 10th 2015

FLYING BLIND with Social Justice

In today’s episode of Angry Beaver Radio we dive into the wonderful world of transableism. Call your friends over and grab a party pack of drain cleaner and get rid of your sight privilege. After we permanently ruined our sight they signed the TPP agreement. Great, can someone read to me how screwed over we are? How fitting as we weren’t allowed to see it in the first place. Canadastan is already positioning itself to bail out the auto sector to the tune of 1 billion dollars and the dairy sector to the tune of 4 billion dollars. Sounds like an awesome deal already! We also talk about the air strikes in Syria and question Russia’s ties to Globalism and the UN Agenda. Is Russia controlled opposition in a New World Order good cop vs bad cop scenario with NATO and allies?

Saturday, October 24th 2015


The gang discusses the new allowance of masked voters in Canada. People wearing a Niqab which covers their entire face except the eyes are now permitted to vote in the Canadian election without showing their face to confirm their identity. We also get into Social Justice Warriors and how they have been used to infiltrate and destroy political grass roots movements with their political correct nonsense. Also 4 Chan anonymous hacker group claims responsibility for trolling Feminists and SJW’s by tricking them into peeing themselves and posting pictures on the internet. #PissForEquality All this and more on today’s show. What Halloween mask would you wear to cast your vote in the Canadian Election?

Canada Votes 2015 election

Saturday, October 31st 2015

Trudon’t including topics: Justin wins, Canada’s first feminist Prime Minister, Shiv Chopra warns of TPP hormone milk, vaccines, Raw Milk surveillance crackdown, Uber Beaver Radio taxi licensing, WiFi zombies, Canadians in the Mist flu season marketing, sneeze in your sleeve social conditioning, hand sanitizer drinks, microwaves on wheels: WiFi cars, Ronald McRobot, Canadian expat celebrities for the New World Order, and more…


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