The Waters On Mars coincidence

Martian Invasion coincidence theory

News has spread throughout the planet that water has been observed flowing on the surface of Mars. Heralded as a major breakthrough for the future of space travel. Dreams of rapid rivers, fluorescent waterfalls, and red oceans filled minds while hopes of alien fish and chips filled stomachs. All of these notions were revealed to be fantasies. Crucial details were revealed in the final minutes of the official NASA news conference ‘Water Flowing on Present-Day Mars‘ when a participant tried to answer the question on everyone’s mind:

If the process of deliquescence occurs, if that’s how the water’s being made it’d be much much saltier than the Earth’s oceans. How much water? We made an attempt to estimate in part of Valles Marineris how much water might be the minimum amount to explain the darkening assuming only 5% water which is sufficient photometrically to darken it and only 10 millimetres thickness which is enough for it to actually flow down the slopes. The minimum was ten to the fifth cubic meters of water, which sounds like a lot if it was all in one place, I don’t know how many olympic swimming pools that it is, but that’s dispersed over very wide areas. So what we’re dealing with is wet soil, thin layers of wet soil, not standing water, but Mars has a lot of surface areas so if you could add it all up it could be a significant volume.

Alfred McEwen – Principal Investigator, HiRISE, University of Arizona

NEW HEADLINE: Salty Mud On The Red Planet

Mars attacks Bring him home

Coincidentally, I was recently downtown during the Toronto International Film Festival and happened upon a concrete carpet entrance to a Hollywood stars party prior to the premiere of The Martian, street hounds went wild for autographs and selfies like an idol worship frenzy, see video:

The NASA announcement of Mars water seemingly coincided with the theatrical release of the motion picture The Martian. The suspicious timing was noted with the ‘God of War’ battleship the USS Gabrielle Giffords connection exposed on Truth Media Revolution. Also, Space X mining tycoon Elon Musk recently suggested a plan to create a human habitat on Mars by detonating thermonuclear weapons at the poles during an appearance on The Late Show. The cosmic tides are turning.


Bring Him Home


Beware The Martian won the North American weekend box-office with an estimated $55 million take!


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