Alex Jones in Toronto

Alex Jones in Toronto George Noory Live

In celebration of Conspiracy Culture’s nine year anniversary Toronto’s largest UFO/conspiracy event ever was held at the Ex (CNE) as the 4th annual George Noory Live event. Featuring special guests Nick Pope from the U.K. and acclaimed radio host Alex Jones from the U.S.A., hosted by Coast2Coast host George Noory. The circus has already been discussed at length recently on Angry Beaver Radio so we won’t get into it here. Instead watch and enjoy this rare video of the historic appearance of Alex Jones in Canada:

Highlights include:
  • Alex Jones treated to a heroes welcome, entering through the audience Roman Reigns style (34:19)
  • Alex Jones hints at Canada annexing the United States (39:52)
  • english accent’d heckler in the crowd yells “go back to America if you want you f-ckin’ guns!” (46:06)
  • Alex Jones responds to audience question on why a recent controversial interview with the notorious David Duke was removed from Infowars youtube channel (1:11:58)
UPDATE: Newsflash! Reports are running rampant that the highly anticipated Infowars $1 million-for-400 million MoneyBomb is a fundraiser for secret divorce payments, as seen on Stew WebbFree Radio RevolutionAaron Wilson and even infowarrior Dan Bidondi

Nick Pope & Alex Jones at George Noory Live in Toronto

Event date: Saturday, August 22nd 2015

venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre (Canadian National Exhibition)

event producers: Conspiracy Culture –  Tom Danheiser productions – First Class 11o1

George Noory
Nick Pope
Alex Jones
Conspiracy Culture
George Noory Live

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