did President Obama join ‘the kliq’?

Obama joins the Kliq nWo

President Obama has been spotted doing a familiar hand sign, it’s just too sweet, the wolfpac sign of professional wrestling’s infamous group ‘The Kliq’.

The hand symbol looks like rock n’ roll or a devil hail or maybe Texas bullhorns, but does it mean more? According to the ‘Kliq Rules‘ BBC documentary the hand signal is based on a Turkish wolf mafia sign.

As much as politics is compared with pro-wrestling, consider the perception that 2007-08 Senator Obama as the brash new player. Born in 1961 representing a generational change as the first President from Generation X propelled to the main event level on hollywood popularity and corporate backing. Representing the blue team (Democratic Party) secretly fulfilling Republican President George Bush of the red team’s plan for a new World order, where the rule of the United Nations reigns.


The Kliq is a rebellious clique of wrestlers formed in the mid-90’s, originally including The Heartbreak Kid, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Razor Ramon, Diesel, and the 1-2-3 Kid. Known for being adolescent pranksters, The Kliq wrestlers would all go on to fame and success in the wrestling business during the ‘Monday Night Wars’ founding both the New World Order (nWo) and De-Generation-X (DX). Celebrated in WWE history as some of the most notorious factions/gangs/stables of all time both the nWo and DX are well known for breaking the rules, attacking tradition, and mocking the establishment.

obama-nwo-wolfpac-hand-sign Obama NWO too sweet

The New World Order nWo is a heel takeover faction of former WWF Superstar faces gone crime-is-cool bad, including the wolfpac outsiders and led by Hollywood, as a metaphor for real-life New World Order frontman WCW owner and billionaire mogul Ted Turner.


De-Generation-X is a unruly stable from the WWF’s ‘attitude era’ known for frequently pointing to their groins and yelling ‘suck it’ In story lines they were a thorn in the side of heel corporate owner Mr. McMahon, behind the scenes billionaire Vince McMahon asked to join.

<> on July 10, 2014 in Austin, Texas.

President Barack Obama is believed to be a foreign student from Kenya, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Chicago, has been running Washington for two terms. Although billed as a constitutional lawyer he has been accused of bending the law, playing golf, and Hollywood stars. Currently he’s believed to be planning a kayfabe breaking curtain call for 2016 elections.

NWO 4 Life



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