Scam-Am Games Panned

Pan Am Games rear view

Go panning for gold at the Scam-American Games of 2015 with billions of dollars on the line, let’s get to the bottom of it…

Pan-Am Games get Scam-Am Exposed on Angry Beaver Radio

Angry Beaver Radio reviews the scam-am games from port-a-pottie space shuttles to HOV mannequin lanes we’ve got it, rent a billion dollar bicycle amidst the on-going corruption in Ontario, with Pachi and the New World Order:

Angry Beaver Radio pan-am 2015

Pan-Am Games featuring Pitbull, Yeezus, and Wyclef Jean

Angry Beaver Radio hosts John, Mike, Daniel, and Mark with special guest Phil Ryerson with archives from July 11th, 18th, and 25th 2015

tune in Saturdays 3-5pm (Est) on Truth Frequency Radio


A multi-billion dollar spectacle was a pan-sexual sports mania complete with bread and circuses. Whether it be a foreign athlete sexual assaulting a local girl, a $20 sex orgy for disabled athletes, or a former Ontario Premier current Pan-Am Games Chairman sexually abusing Pan-Am staff, these games had it.

For a reaction to the games look to Ford Nation and find a divided response, for instance the 1010 scrawler Joe Warmington and Ross McLean went hard for the games whereas Your Ward News reporter Lawrence McCurry revealed the games to be a taxpayers nightmare. Fortunately we were spared the feared anarchy of the G20 riots.

To top it off the debt games, hyped as a success by the Mayor and Executives, will be used for a Toronto bid to host a future Olympics.

Team USA Pan-Am booty



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