Angry Beaver Radio (July 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio pan-am 2015

The Angry Beaver Radio show is on and the fate of Canadastan is in jeopardy, as the biggest scam this month the PanAm Games is running wild. Listen while your host beavers delve into the issues as the New World Order turns into Pachi a pan-sexual porcupine. Get your mannequins ready for a ride in the HOV lane with an ever increasing debt clock as Ontario slips into tyranny and Team Can goes for the gold. With these ABR archives for the month of July, 2015:

Let the shams begin!

Saturday, July 4th 2015

 Interdependence Day

This interdependence day we head to Greece to try to withdraw 66 Euros and head on down to the dollar store to buy some American and Canadian flags made in China by children out of toxic materials. God bless the TPP and mandatory vaccinations. Wave your confederate rainbow ISIS flags this interdependence day.

Saturday, July 11th 2015

With guest Phil Ryerson

We are joined in studio once again by Phil Ryerson. Also 2 Angry Beavers head to the Climate March in Toronto. Al Gore, Kathleen Wynne and David Suzuki have some sort of weird pow wow on how to steal more Ontarians tax money. We are live at the Scam Am Games and much more on this episode of ABR out of Canadastan.

Saturday, July 18th 2015

Mother Canada (national port-a-can centre)

The regular panel of Angry Beavers appear on Truth Frequency Radio trading pelts of truth and news trappings, including Mother Canada a sinister monument, Canada 150 years of conspiracy, new coinage, electronic scams, Pandemonium Pan-Am scam, Fast Food beef, veganism, the threat of Jade Helm, a circus for U.S. President, Retirement outhouses, and more…

Listen to full show here: MP3
Saturday, July 25th 2015

John, Mark and Mike appear this week on Truth Frequency Radio for Angry Beaver Radio show features such topics as Pan-Am Scams and Debt Games, The Pope’s globalist PR, political puppets, freedom act tyranny, ISIS terror, Smiley Cyrus on Facebook, anonymous unknowns, provocateur protest masks, David Suzuki on geo-engineering, manchurian candidates, 9/11 truth, the royal family sieg heils, land ownership, and more…

Listen to full show here: MP3


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