G-20 Toronto 5th Anniversary

25/06/2015 Stories from the G-20: 5th Anniversary Event + Civil liberties in post G-20 Toronto: C-51, carding & beyond, panel discussion Q&A, hosted by Tommy Taylor, first the victims of the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit share their stories. Then, an exploration of the current state of civil liberties in Toronto.

It’s the fifth anniversary of what is now commonly called one of the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history – the infamous 2010 Toronto G20 Summit.

Share your own story online using #MyG20

A free, two-part night with stories from victims of the G20, followed by a panel discussion / Q&A on Civil Liberties in Post-G20 Toronto: C-51, Carding and Beyond.

The Stories from the G20 speakers include: Jay Wall, Sherry B. Good, Tommy Taylor, Wyndham Erin, Kettle (short film about the Queen & Spadina kettle), skyping in from out West is John Pruyn who had his prosthetic leg torn off at G20, and a tribute to paraplegic G20 victim Gabriel Jacobs, who recently passed away.

G20 TORONTO 2010 the will of the people suppressed on behalf of tyrants

G20 TORONTO 2010 kettle, the will of the people suppressed

The Civil Liberties in Post-G20 Toronto: C-51, Carding & Beyond panel:
-Sukayna Pillay, Executive Director, Canadian Civil Liberties Association https://ccla.org
– Neil Price, Community Assessment of Police Practices http://capptoronto.ca
– Klippenstien’s Lawfirm, G20 Class Action Lawsuit  http://www.g20classaction.ca

Free event, open to all at Steelworkers Hall. fb EVENT PAGE

You Should Have Stayed Home

G20 Class Action lawsuit updates

Ride for G20 Justice

SupportLocalScene SiLSa!

G20 Exposed FRONT


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