Storm Roof the Confederate Conspiracy

confederate freemasonic symbol

A recent mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, has generated debate over the confederate flag, race relations, secret society influence and the n-word.

The alleged perpetrator Dylann Storm Roof is said to have written a racist manifesto, waved the confederate flag, and wore jacket patches of South Africa apartheid-era and Rhodesia (a country named after new World order frontman Cecil Rhodes). He was said to have been radicalized by Council of Conservative Citizens who fund Republicans Party candidates.

The location this crime occurred at is the Mother Emanuel AME Church Sanctuary connected with the secret society of Freemasonry, including Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Eastern Star, and Knight of Pythias. Also, the Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America traces its roots back to the city of Charleston, South Carolina. AME stands for African Methodist Episcopal church.

The alleged gunman joins a growing list of massacre trigger persons that are connected by their use of mind-altering pharmaceuticals, in this case an illegal supply of SUBOXONE pills. (NOTE: Just like methadone*, suboxone has it downside risks and adverse side effects. It is a medication which contains two primary ingredients — buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate; naloxone is drug that blocks feelings of euphoria.)

The furthest out there theories suppose that Roof is a US Marine and former child actor named John Christian Graas, appearing in Hollywood series like Doogie Howser, Star Trek TNG, Seinfeld, The Philadelphia Experiment, and 90210. That this was a Jade Helm ’15 operation for ‘mastering the human domain’.

Stoking fears of a race war, surprisingly President Obama appeared on a garage podcast with comedian Marc Maron used the n-word, joining a derogatory fraternity. (5 white U.S. Presidents who used the n-word)


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