Ideacity goes Climate Skeptical

Wind turbine design defects

the 2015 edition of the IdeaCity Conference in Toronto featured an array of speakers presenting a contrarian view of climate change and global warming. A controversial assortment of views that question the mainstream global warming alarmist agenda. Check out these speakers introduced by Moses Znaimer, including:

Lord Christopher Mockton on the economic facts on wind turbine schemes
Patrick Moore the sensible environmentalist, author of ‘Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout’
Lord Nigel Lawson the trouble with climate change

“Reason was sadly missing. I think it’s particularly culpable that scientists should betray science in the way they have done by going from reason to what is in effect a quasi-religion.”

Lord Nigel Lawson

Alex Epstein on the moral case for Fossil Fuels
Carmen Krogh on wind turbines can harm humans

(click on the presenters name for links to IDEACITY videos)

decommissioning large wind projects



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