Alberta MLA hardcore suspension


Political change has hit Alberta with the newly elected NDP Party 2015, a new MLA (member of legislative assembly) has been suspended by the governing party. In an instance of obscene social media and the New World Order.

MLA was caught in a punk rock album photo from years ago depicting  shades of a demonic gang-bang. “The photo I appeared in was in poor taste, and I apologize for its offensive content. It is not a photo I would appear in today,” she said in a statement. (Calgary Herald)

fear of attack album cover

Fear of Attack – Gatekrashor

punk rock photo Drever

“What happened three years ago, frankly, was a mistake,” Drever, 26, told The Canadian Press

MLA Deborah Drever expresses regret over offensive photo | CBC

MLA Deborah Brever newly elected for Calgary Bow wasn’t suspended over the album cover, rather a more recent post on Instagram featuring PC politicians in a newspaper with hearts drawn around and a tagline ‘Gay boyz’  has been referred to as homophobic. The image got her suspended from the New Democratic Party and now she sits as an Independent. Clearly an example of sexual identity issues in the New World Order, now the word ‘gay’ is off-limits. An insensitivity towards LGBT voters.

Deborah Drever says in a statement on Facebook that she’s sorry for what she calls her “flippant attempt at humour.”

Alberta MLA sorry for ‘flippant attempt at humour’ | Durham Region

According to the Sun, Drever suggested critics were bullying her over the photos and insisted she’s “a new face in politics right now — I’m a young women who has new ideas.”

Deborah Drever suspended by NDP after homophobic post comes to light | Edmonton Sun

Let’s hope this suspension from the NDP eventualy ends so MLA Drever can take her prestigious spot as Minister for Trees and Social Affairs:

Minister of Trees and Social Affairs

“If she does so as part of her duties to her constituents, I’ll review this matter in the coming year and consider whether she has a future in our caucus.” Premier Rachel Notley

New MLA Deborah Drever suspended from NDP caucus over ‘homophobic’ remark under photo | Calgary Herald



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