Elizabeth May gone wild…

The leader of the Green Party of Canada, MP Elizabeth May, generated headlines this week with a controversial speech at the Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner. Its the Canadian government’s comedy night to rival the White House Correspondents Dinner. Unfortunately the laughs hit too many off marks to count resulting in the notion that she might’ve prepared this herself. Watch for yourself with the raw speech (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE):

Accused of being drunk and disorderly, it’s possible that Elizabeth May delivered the most real speech, actually reading the media personalities and politicians in the room this is what the powers that be are thinking. Starting off with recognition that this is the land of the First Nations (she really seemed drunk at this point), a reference to being a bionic woman with squeaky hips (artificial limbs joke), eluding to graphic sexual  freudian references like the oral anal genital for entrance into the election leaders debate (see: Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum), and playing the theme song to the 1970s TV sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter on her phone and saying it’s spelt K-H-A-D-R (in reference to Omar Khadr the former child soldier recently released from a prison), that got her pulled off stage by the Minister of Transport, MP Lisa Raitt, before reappearing for a sing-a-long:

Later Elizabeth May went on the media circuit for damage control, making apologies for her bizarre speech at the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner, excuses included heavy travel, lack of sleep, medication pills, and wine with dinner, see here:

Who is Elizabeth May?

An American-born politician with globalist ambitions. Her previous gigs as executive director of the environmental foundation Sierra Club of Canada, founder of Canadian Environmental Defence Fund, Law school student, worked on environmental policy for Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney, and currently leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands.

The Green Party is a global party appearing in elections all over the World running on platforms of environmental capital. Elizabeth May is also a supporter of the United Nations campaign for a World Parliament, signing-on in 2007.

What’s next for MP Elizabeth May?

Facing calls to resign, May later responded that “a lot of people have given bad press gallery speeches and have gone on to be Prime Minister or gone on to lead other aspects of their lives, time will tell.” [CTV National News]


Elizabeth May drunk welcome back kotter


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