Ontario does Sex-Ed-mania

Catwoman Wynne

One of the only issues generating protests across Ontario is the new sexual-education curriculum. Under the guise of modernization adding sexting and cyber bullying to the sex-ed is the addition of the concepts of gender fluidity and gender identity. The students of today are expected to change fluidly amongst the choices of six genders: male, female, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, intersex. 

The Premier of Ontario is hyped as the first lesbian in the role, she described her own story of finding her sexual energy during an affair with a female friend in the book Reconcilable Differences:

“I was the bitch of the place, I’m the one who has the temper. I’m the one who is volatile. I’m the one who cried the most and was the most difficult to deal with.” Kathleen, now Premier of Ontario

From the book ‘Reconcilable Differences’ a 2007 study on failed marriages by Cate Cochran

“When all else fails, when you get dry leprosy and your limbs start to fall off, family’s there.” ex-husband of the Premier of Ontario

This controversial sex-ed curriculum was introduced five years ago by then Premier McGuinty and was quickly shelved after parents protested in opposition. Now the powers that be are boldly pushing the curriculum through, while in denial about the shocking origins of the agenda, Read Toronto Sun: Liberals can’t deny Levin’s role with sex-ed curriculum, revealing the former-Deputy Minister of Education and Team Wynne political insider has plead guilty to heinous charges, Read Henry Makow: Resistance Builds to Ontario Grooming Children for Pedophiles.

While one MPP Monte McNaughton (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex) has raised concerns about Education Minister Liz Sandals curriculum without consultation, and different groups like StopCorruptingChildren.ca and Protect Our Kids for Canada and LifePetitions have launched online petitions in protest, the mainstream society is descending into a morass of perversion.

Everyday new horror stories about BBC/CBC hosts or political players or people in positions of trust with youth are exposed. The state of moral decay is progressing exponentially. Once an entire generation is hit with a confusion trick how easy will it be for the sodomites to take it one step further? Read the LGBTQ Is Getting Ready To Add The ‘P’ (NowTheEndBegins),  the ‘p’ stands for pedophile with vile groups like NAMBLA doing disturbing campaigns for it to be classified as a normal sexual orientation.

LifeSiteNews.com interviewed Dr. Robert McDonald and Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons for an article that likens the new curriculum to sexual abuse:

The new curriculum teaches children to accept homosexuality as normal, and something they are born with and cannot control and that, while virtually no consensual sexual activity is wrong, communicating negative ideas about someone else’s sexual activity, orientation, or gender identity is definitely wrong.

 LifeSiteNews | Psychiatrists: Wynne’s early sex-ed program is ‘sexual abuse’

For more evidence on the impact these protests are having see these video reports:

Rebel Media | Parents protest new sex-ed curriculum again at Queen’s Park
City News | Angry parents protest new sex ed curriculum at Queen’s Park
Global News | Alan Carter faces ire of Queen’s Park sex ed protesters
Rebel Media | Parents at Toronto anti-sex-ed rally turn tables on reporter

Coincidentally, down south preparations are underway for next year’s campaign featuring a trail-blazing New World Order scion running on a platform of fun camps for adults inviting swingers across America to VOTE JEBLARY 2016!





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