Rock’em Sock’em Transit Brawl

transit brawl like rock-em sock-em

Beware of demonic forces and the New World Order when you ride the rocket

Footage recorded in January has been generating headlines and discussion about the dangers of public transit. A father and son were arrested and charged following a fight with transit police after a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game.

See videos:

Video 1  (6:16) – The video shows the son hitting one officer several times, another officer arrives and proceeds to pummel the son (hockey fight style), while the other officer takes the father down to the ground UFC/MMA-style:

Video 2 (4:15) – an alternative angle of the first video:

Video 3 (1:27) – slow-motion magnified section of video 1, shows the guy who is later punched by another cop repeatedly punching a lone officer in the head:

Anyone that works around a sports stadium in a uniform becomes a target for fanatics under the influence of alcohol, who become verbally abusive and sometimes attack any form of order (including uniforms). Hence why alcohol is also referred to as ‘spirits’ because drunkenness leaves people exposed to the influence of the rebellious demons of the spirit realm.

This is not an excuse for the conduct of the officers in uniform, who have the ultimate advantage as they’re allowed to beat down anyone so long as they continiuously repeat the phrase ‘stop resisting’.

In the Union Station brawl a large TTC employee holds the guy against the wall while an officer punches him, the guy says:

“I didn’t do anything, I f—ing paid my fare, what the f–k is going on here? I paid my fare.”

Yesterday the TTC spokespersons appeared tight-lipped about the details of the investigation but according to the Toronto Star: The TTC has said that there was no fare dispute involved.

This is a welcome announcement in a city where more Fare Inspectors are expected to be hired to ticket any riders that fail to show papers.

Which is what makes the state of the TTC so scary, for innocent peaceful people they must defend themselves from disturbed strangers and fanatics while staying in compliance with the authorities who can arbitrarily attack.

Which brings us to the New World Order of transit policing referred to as P.O.P. proof-of-payment:

Transit World Order fare batons

The New World Order hits Toronto streetcars with POP scheme… Full News City News Report: Concerns raised about TTC fare inspectors carrying batons & handcuffs

Two Toronto men, a father and son, have been charged with assault and uttering threats in connection to the scuffle.

While the incident is disturbing, Mayor John Tory said, he would be more concerned if there was evidence of a cover-up, something he doesn’t see.

TTC ask Toronto police to investigate violent incident (Toronto Star)

At the time of the video, both TTC employees were transit enforcement officers, not special constables. One has since become a special constable. The difference between the two is a special constable has the power to arrest someone, while an enforcement official does not.

Chaotic melee involving TTC officers at Toronto’s Union Station (The Rebel Media)

“It’s obviously very disturbing and so I’m really shocked. The first time I watched the video was just moments ago but I don’t know the full story,” said TTC chair Councillor Josh Colle

TTC investigating after Union Station brawl video surfaces (CBC News)

You folks I know what you’re thinking out there, what’s a Don Cherry video without the odd tussle? You’re right. But you people that don’t like fights, you don’t like violence, I’m going to give you time to turn it off (pause) That enough time? All the sweethearts gone? they can’t complain.

Don Cherry’s Rock’Em Sock’em Hockey

While the transit brawl videos are being shared on social media Worldstar-Hip-Hop & Rock’em-Sock’em-style, it’s important to realize that every viewers freedom hangs in the balance.

Update: ONE OF MEN IN TTC ALTERCATION VIDEO TALKS TO CP24 on video (12:44) describes being manhandled after going through a TTC turnstile and in short-order was taken down by a guard who didn’t identify himself, also he said he had a few drinks but was not intoxicated and was not charged with any intoxication in public offences. An overwhelmingly excessive use of force against quite law abiding citizens:…


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